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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the stones being installed?

The Anfield Forever scheme has been sold across 3 sized stones and as part of a patterned design. As a result, not all stones are installed in order of purchase.

The first installation phase was completed in October 2017 and those supporters who are part of the first phase will have received an email advising them accordingly.

The next and final installation will take place in the Autumn of 2018.

Once the stones have been installed you will receive a further email asking you to login into your account to find the details of the section where the stone is laid and you will be able to download a map of your stones location.

You can also log into the system and access the map 

You will need your reference number that was sent via email at the time of purchase.

When will I receive my replica?

Replica stones will be engraved at the same time as your stone is being installed on the walkway at Anfield Stadium. Whilst we cannot give or confirm a specific delivery date at the point of order, they will be sent to you in due course.

How will I receive my replica stone(s)?

Replica stones will be despatched to you by post in a presentation / protective box.

What is Anfield Forever?

Anfield Forever is a walkway of personalised engraved granite stones set in a landscaped area around the expanded stand at Anfield Stadium. It is a celebration of the Club, players, managers and our global supporters.

Why was it created?

To provide supporters with the opportunity to have a permanent place in Liverpool FC history by creating a lasting tribute to all the players and fans, past and present, that have made Liverpool FC the team we love. At the same time, Anfield Forever will enhance the look of Anfield Stadium and create a lasting feature that will define Liverpool Football Club and its supporters.

Are the letters painted on top of the stone?

The letters are engraved into the surface of the granite stone to make the lettering more hardwearing.

How long will the stones last?

The stones will last indefinitely; however, we can only guarantee that they will be in the location for 10 years. This is the minimum period, but we have every reason to believe they will be there for many more years to come. However, we reserve the right to move, relocate or permanently remove or destroy the products at our discretion.

Can I choose my location?

The location of your stone cannot be chosen. The stones will be installed on a first come - first installed basis.

Do I need a ticket to view the stones?

No, the walkway will be a free and open space outside of Anfield Stadium; anyone can come and look at the stones.

What is on the Electronic Certificate?

The E-Certificate includes an image of the stone, the inscription and the Order Reference number. You can download the E-Certificate by following the link on the order confirmation you receive.

What is the number reference on the stone?

The stone and certificate includes your inscription and unique reference number. In due course, you will receive an email detailing where your stone is placed and you will use this number to help locate your stone in the walkway.

Can I scatter ashes of a loved one under my stone?

The Club will no longer be facilitating the scattering of ashes at Anfield.

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